THE NEW BOLSHEVISM  

     In the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 there were actually two revolutions that occurred. This history is rarely talked or written about when discussing the history of the Bolshevik/Communist revolutions.  In Russia in 1917 during the month of February, there was a real and legitimate uprising by the workers, farmers, and lower income citizens with legitimate issues to address to the Czarist regime at that time in Russia.  The protests and dissatisfaction was growing rapidly throughout the region and instability was on the rise.  The bankers on Wall street here in America, all Rothschild’s fronts, knew that they could capitalize on this instability to bring about their Utopian vision of a world dominated by Zionism. This would be accomplished by funding the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Trotsky, also known as Lev Bronstein, was living in New York at the time, and living the high life at that. Totally owned and financed by the same banking families that were behind the federal reserve, like Warburg, Schiff, etc., Trotsky was living large.  He received millions in funding from these bankers to return to Russia to bring about the Bolshevik Revolution.

     Lenin arrived in Russia in April of 1917 and began to address those citizens who were disenfranchised by the Czarist regime.  Bolshevik propaganda began to be distributed to the masses by those entities financed by the elite Jewish banking families.  Together Lenin and Trotsky began to emerge as the heroes and leaders of a new movement.  They preached the values of peace, unity, equality, and brotherhood. They trashed the concept of capitalism and free markets as evil and morally destructive to a just society. Bread, peace and equality for all became the mantra.  By the fall this movement had become gigantic, and it was quickly becoming clear that this was real revolution. The October revolution was now a reality, it culminated to the overthrow of the Czarist regime and the rest is history.  The red terror encompassed the soviet Union in the years to come and led to the real holocaust of 80 to 100 million human beings.  From the atrocities of Lenin, to the horror and mass murder of Stalin, as well as the Ukrainian famine that starved out millions of men, women and children, all in the name of peace, unity, equality, and peace.

     Now here we are today in October of 2011 in the United Stats facing a possible fall October Revolution of our own.  A new movement has entered into existence from out of nowhere.  Occupy Wall Street is now promising a fall October revolution.  With red flags and communist symbolism, they parade through the streets like legitimate truth seekers, only wanting peace, unity, equality, and truth.  Their websites show symbolism of the communist clenched fist and occupy written red, inviting all to join in this “Revolution”.  They want us to join in what they call a time of ‘Rage”. That’s funny because insiders like Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros who belong to the International Crisis Group have stated that a time of rage would soon be coming to America. Coincidence? I think not!  The International Crisis group is believed to be one of the entities creating chaos and fomenting revolutions globally, like the one in Egypt during the “Arab Spring”.  We see the foundation funded protest groups now arriving in New York repeating the same communist garbage that their puppet masters have written for them to speak.  The same tired language of international Zionism and Bolshevism hidden under the veil of truth and equality. Socialists like Michael Moore and Dr. Cornell West are calling for civil disobedience and for an fall revolution in America that would become our own “Arab Spring”.  But be careful what you ask for!  The citizens in Egypt today probably wish they could turn back time. In the spring of this year they too called for revolution, and an end to their oligarchical corruption.  At the end of the day they ended up with a military dictatorship, something far worse than what they had before. In other words, I joined the revolution and all i got was this lousy T-Shirt.

     So here we are on the edge of something big.  There are protests now taking place on over 40 different American cities, and over 170 planned events globally.  Is this really a fight for freedom and liberty, or have we within the so called “truth” movement and alternative movements now unknowingly become the foot soldiers of a “New world order”.  It’s time to re-evaluate our own selves, take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves are we fighting for individuality or a slick marketing campaign of tyrannical collectivism.  I believe that time will only tell, but this time we cannot afford to get it wrong! Our culture, heritage, independence, and souls are literally on the line.  I believe it is now time to ask the question, Is this our Bolshevik revolution?  This is a very serious question because literally humanity hangs in the balance.  Will this October Revolution be one like that of Lenin and Trotsky? Is this our own “Arab Spring”? Think about it, all of our institutions have been infiltrated and taken over systematically over the past 100 years, by these Zionist criminal scumbags who care nothing about your life or dignity, only their sick goal of total world domination, and empowering their criminal state of Israel and all of their Bolshevik institutions like the United Nations, World Bank, IMF, etc. Let’s hope that the so called search for “truth” doesn’t lead the world into tyranny!

     So in closing we need to occupy the occupy movement and either take control of it and steer it onto the road of true freedom and liberty, or dismantle it systematically destroying it just like the Zionist criminals have destroyed our freedoms over the years.  We need to offer up our platform for this so called”revolution”. Here is a platform that I think would suffice:

1) Abolish the federal reserve and replace it with a system of interest free money. Thus destroying the usery system once and for all.

2) Abolish dual citizenship for all elected officials. Israeli dual citizens who have infiltrated our government have only brought wars and corruption all in the name of Zionism and interests that are not in the best interest of the American people.

3) Finally withdraw from the United Nations, World Bank, IMF,World Court, and all international entanglements that do not have the best interests of this country in mind.

4)Abolish special interests groups like AIPAC. They have loyalties that are not in line with the progress and empowerment of the American people.

5)Once again protect our borders from the flooding of our country with illegal immigrants. This has only brought us down to the same level as those third world countries we think we are helping. this has destroyed the living wage of the American people.

6)Withdraw from all free trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT, which have destroyed our manufacturing base, and turned this nation into nothing more than a service based economy, reliant upon ridiculous consumerist behaviour that is destructive to our nation.

7)Immediate withdraw from all of the wars currently being fought in the name of international Zionism and the policies of a greater Israel.

8)Make it illegal to use electronic voting machines and return our elections to paper ballots which have to be counted, whereby we have an actual paper trail in our so called”elections”.

9)Repeal of the income tax and property tax and return to a revenue based system that uses tariffs and other constitutional regulations to support our infrastructure,military, etc.

10)Repeal of the Patriot Act and returning our civil liberties back to the American people.

11) And last but not least end the war on drugs. This unconstitutional war has ruined the lives of millions of Americans for no reason at all, but for the greedy and corrupt ambitions of a police state government that knows no limits.

     This isn’t a perfect platform by any means, but it’s damn sure a good start!

Mike Nonconformity Live


Mike Sledge Blog Aug. 15th 2011: Controlled opposition and the masonic infiltration of the freedom movement.

     Zionist Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin once stated that in order to control your opposition you must become the opposition. This statement has never been more true. We have seen the Zionist establishment not only infiltrate underground political movements in the past and present, but also completely create entire movements as well. The 911 operation was a pivotal event for the Zionist banking cartels globally. That one event changed our foreign policy overnight, as well as destroying our 4th amendment rights and our constitution in a blink of an eye.  So it should not surprise anyone who has been a student of this conspiracy to note that many of the so called 911 truth organizations that sprung up after the attacks, could possibly be complete vehicles of disinformation and Zionist propaganda. Custom made to lead people down the wrong path, so as to never expose the true criminals, who benefited from their murderous operation. In order to understand the current crop of controlled opposition groups, we must go back into our history and see how this tactic has been used against this nation in the past.

     If we look at our past history, our true history that is, not the propaganda force fed to our children within the re-education camps called public schools, we see that the one of the biggest populist movements ever was the anti masonic movement. It eventually led to the creation of our first third party, and the biggest challenge to the Zionist establishment to date. This movement was received its energy and support from out of one of the biggest scandals involving the Freemasons in American history. This event occurred in the year 1826. This event was the disappearance and eventual murder of a very important citizen of Batavia, New York.  His name was William Morgan.  William Morgan became disenfranchised by their corruption. He decided that they must be exposed as a corrupt organization, so the citizens of this once great republic could be informed, to protect our nation from being undermined from within. He released a publication exposing some of the rituals and ceremonies of the masons, that were told to him by members and former members of freemasonry.  This led many within the secret order to become very angry with the release of the is information. It was clear that William Morgan had been identified the order as an enemy and a threat to freemasonry.

     The anti-masonic party was formed in 1827, a year following the arrest of William Morgan on September 11th, and then his murder on September 18th, 1826.  Isn’t it amazing how the date of September 11th was very important to the Freemasons even way back in 1826. We can see today how September 11th is still a very important symbolic date to them still. It was September 11th 1991 when former president George H. W. Bush proclaimed the modern concept of a new world order. And last but not least, we see how the 911 attacks occurred once again on the symbolic day of September 11.  The murder of William Morgan became the fuel that led to the creation of our biggest third party movement, just one year after his murder.  The anti-masonic party began to gain support rapidly throughout the nation.  Many citizens in many different states worked from the grass roots to take part in this new movement of freedom and truth. Many people ran on the anti-masonic ticket, surprising the establishment at the time, with the large number of votes these candidates actually received.  It was quickly becoming clear to the establishment at the time, that this was a serious political movement.  Many ran on the anti-mason ticket. Men like Thaddeus Stevens, Joseph Ritner, and William Wirt.

     William Wirt, former attorney general and himself a Freemason, worked his way into the anti-masonic party. Wirt had so successfully infiltrated the party that he managed to become the party’s presidential nominee in 1830.  And get this, he even arranged for the party to meet in Philadelphia for their convention, from September 11th-september 18th, 1830. William Wirt, Freemason, narrowly defeated John Mclean, and received the anti-masonic party nomination.  He then travelled making speeches actually defending freemasonry. The infiltration had been a success. Now the core principal of the movement had been compromised, leaving a hollow false movement in its place. Wirt went on to challenge, his brother mason Andrew Jackson, unsuccessfully.  You see, the anti-masonic party had to be destroyed because they were very successful.  In just a decade the anti-masonic party had reduced masonic membership in the New York from around  20,000 to just under 3,000. The number of masonic lodges went from around 507 to just around 48, in about six years. This success would only lead to one thing, infiltration and destruction.  Around 1834, the anti-masonic party began to fall apart. Its member eventually left the party and joined he ranks of the two establishment parties, the Whig Party and the Democratic Party, and the rest is history.  By understanding our past we can better protect ourselves in the future. Unfortunately, we seemed to have learned nothing.  Today we see the same infiltration of the truth and freedom movement by the same organizations. September 11th was important in 1826 and it is important today as well. The 911 attacks of September 11th were the beginning of a new populist movement of truth, just like the death Of William Morgan was in 1826. The only question that now remains is…Will we suffer the same fate? Only time will tell. WAKE UP!


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